Making Refugee Rights a Reality

Imagine fleeing from a government that threatens to torture or kill you, only to arrive in a foreign country without travel papers, without money, without access to your bank account. Imagine you don’t even speak the local language. Could you go into a courtroom, alone, and convince a judge that you shouldn’t be deported?

Refugees fearing persecution or fleeing civil war usually land first in a country near their own – in today’s world, primarily somewhere in the global south: Africa, Asia or Latin America. Traumatized by what they have already endured, recent refugees are especially vulnerable to violations of their legal rights. Many of them face immediate deportation directly into the hands of a government that threatens to torture, imprison or kill them. Many more are “warehoused” for years or generations in refugee camps on the margins of society, unable to work, move freely, or re-establish a permanent home.

Asylum Access was founded to change this.