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Asylum Access Tanzania refugees
Newsletter Winter 2012

Forging a New Path for Urban Refugees

“I went to a local church to ask for help. They assisted me with a place to stay and gave me some money for food. However, it did not take long for this money to run out. We were back where we started,... Read More
Asylum Access Thailand flooding
Newsletter Autumn 2011

Working Through the Floods in Thailand

An Interview with Asylum Access Thailand Legal Services Manager Michael Timmins Following months of heavy rain, a third of Thailand has been inundated in what has been called the worst flood... Read More
Sandra ten Zijthoff Refugee Women
Newsletter Autumn 2011

Honorable Mentions and Quarterly Highlights

Asylum Access participated in Opportunity Collaboration in Ixtapa, Mexico, asking activists and investors dedicated to ending poverty to ensure their programs do not exclude refugees. Asylum... Read More
Newsletter Autumn 2011

Day in the Life of a VLA- Elizabeth Sandoval

Name: Elizabeth Sandoval Office: Ecuador Age: 31 Hometown: Quito, Ecuador What made you volunteer as a VLA? My passion for human rights — refugee issues are interconnected with human... Read More
Asylum Access Tanzania refugees
Newsletter Autumn 2011

Urban Refugees in Tanzania

The following article is based on Asylum Access’s forthcoming report, “No Place Called Home”. **UPDATE** A PDF file of the report is now available online. Print copies are also available... Read More