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Global Policy Director Jessica Therkelsen’s interview with Interview is Powered by AudioAcrobat

Overseas Operations Director Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter’s article in Aljezeera, “Applying for asylum in Ecuador is not easy” (April 14, 2013)

Overseas Operations Director Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter’s Op-Ed in the Huffington Post, “Smaller, Younger NGOs to Davos: “We Have a Few Tips Too”” (January 25, 2013)

Photographer Caroline Bennett’s photo essay on Colombian refugees, “Escaping the Violence, Searching for Peace in Ecuador” on PhotoPhilanthropy (November 2011)

“Asylum Access sends law students and lawyers throughout the world to advocate for refugee rights” in the California Bar eJournal (November 2011)

WomensRadio Interviews Executive Director Emily Arnold-Fernandez (November 2011)

“Emily Arnold-Fernandez of Asylum Access on Helping Refugees” in the San Francisco Examiner (by Alexis Terrazas, July 3, 2011)

“Volunteer experiences in Bangkok: Asylum Access” on (by Melissa Richter, January 28, 2011)


Policy Statements

Date Subject
September 2014 Ecuador advances the protection of refugees
July 2013 Standing up with Refugee Women and Girls on World Refugee Day Press Release
April 2013 Asylum Access Ecuador RSD Report Press Release
Public Constitutional Action Admitted by Ecuadorian Constitutional Court (Spanish version here)
December 2012 Kenya’s Forced Encampment of Refugees Violates Human Rights and Quashes Self-Reliance
September 2008 UNHCR Implements Major RSD Reforms
June 2008 Disclosure of Evidence in UNHCR RSD Procedures
June 2008 No Margin For Error
September 2006 Press Release for RSDWatch Report
August 2005 No Margin For Error
August 2005 Comment and Submission to UN’s Redesign Panel on Internal Justice
August 2005 Join Open Letter to UN High Commissioner for Refugees
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