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Eric Tanner Asylum Access Tanzania
Client Story

Suzanne’s story

When Suzanne was just a girl, armed militias displaced her family from their home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a teenager, she witnessed her father’s murder and was forcibly married... Read More
Tanzania Refugees Livelihoods
Client Story

John’s Story

John came to the Asylum Access office in Dar Es Salaam with a unique request. He wanted us to keep his savings. After escaping from a brutal civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he lived... Read More
Kate Meehan Africa
Client Story

Ahmad’s Story

Ahmad, a 32-year old Somali from Mogadishu, grew up in a Somalia that already torn by violence and instability. As a university student in 2006, Ahmad had the opportunity to work with a nongovernmental... Read More