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Global Initiatives

Despite our efforts at our offices in Africa, Asia and Latin America we will still reach only a small fraction of the world’s 17 million refugees.

Recognizing that we cannot revolutionize refugee assistance alone, we are building a global movement to transform the international response to refugees. Our global initiatives include:

Global Policy Advocacy

Asylum Access’s Global Policy Advocacy efforts currently focus on two cornerstone issues: Ensuring refugees’ right to access safe, lawful employment and self-employment in the formal sector; and leveraging global institutions abroad to protect refugee rights in first countries of refuge.

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Refugee Rights Toolkit and Mentorship Program

Asylum Access is committed to building a global refugee rights movement beyond countries where we have offices. Designed as an online platform to enable refugee rights advocates to replicate our model anywhere in the world, the Toolkit combines best practices and lessons learned from seven years of refugee empowerment in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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Refugee Work Rights Coalition

Few countries allow refugees to access safe and lawful employment in the formal sector, as required by international law. As a result, refugees have little choice but to find work in the informal market or accept humanitarian assistance to survive, often leading to economic dependence, exploitation, isolation, skills erosion and a loss of dignity.

The Refugee Work Rights Coalition was spearheaded to change this. It seeks to ensure that refugees right to access safe and lawful work is recognized in law, policy and practice.

The coalition is comprised of NGOs, academics and advocates from around the globe who – through strength in numbers – are jointly advocating to make refugee work rights a reality.

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