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Global Policy Advocacy

Asylum Access advocates for changes to global systems and institutions to give refugees greater access to their rights in concrete, measurable terms.

Asylum Access’s Global Policy Advocacy efforts currently focus on two cornerstone issues: Ensuring refugees’ right to access safe, lawful employment and self-employment in the formal sector; and leveraging global institutions abroad to protect refugee rights in first countries of refuge.

Refugees’ Right To Work

Asylum Access’s Right To Work campaign puts refugee employment rights on the international agenda. Expanding common understandings of refugee protection, the Right To Work campaign focuses on access to safe, lawful employment as a way to empower refugees, reducing their dependency and vulnerability. To follow the campaign, visit our Right To Work blog.

Other Issues

Asylum Access also advocates around other issues central to refugee rights:

Fairness in RSD
Asylum Access has long been an advocate for fairness and due process standards in refugee status determination (RSD) proceedings, which identify refugees in need of international protection. An accurate RSD can mean the difference between life and death for a refugee.

Since February 2005, we have been promoting fairness, transparency and accountability in RSD proceedings run by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in over 50 countries. To learn more about UNHCR RSD, please visit RSDWatch blog.

Refugee Legal Aid
Wherever we work, Asylum Access supports the expansion of legal assistance for refugees. Legal assistance is key to understanding and asserting rights, yet too often refugees have no access to legal assistance.

Human Rights for Refugees
Asylum Access urges the implementation of policies to promote and sustain human rights principles—especially those that protect refugees. Our overseas offices work on systemic issues that are especially urgent in their countries, ranging from arbitrary detention to shaping a  national constitution to embrace refugee rights.

Archive of past policy statements.

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