Refugee Rights Toolkit and Mentorship Program

Asylum Access is committed to building a global refugee rights movement beyond countries where we have offices.

The Refugee Rights Toolkit is a product of Asylum Access, and has been made possible with support from United States Institute of Peace, Foundation for a Just Society and other funders.

It is an open access online platform which seeks to develop the leadership capacity of refugee rights leaders toward the end of replicating the Asylum Access model in different local contexts. It is aimed at people setting up or managing refugee rights initiatives anywhere in the world.

The Toolkit offers concise, practical advice on advocating for refugee rights through direct legal services, community legal empowerment, policy advocacy and strategic litigation. It covers topics related to start-up and management of an NGO or program, from fundraising and relationship building to human resources, communications, finance and monitoring and evaluation. Overarching topics such as ethics and gender-sensitivity feature throughout.

The best practices contained in the Toolkit have been gleaned from lessons learnt over years of refugee rights work in Asylum Access’ offices in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and in the wider refugee rights and legal aid community.

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Mentorship Program

In conjunction with the Toolkit, Asylum Access runs a mentorship program, supporting refugee rights advocates in major refugee-receiving countries beyond our direct reach.

Our approach involves regular, individualized mentoring and skills building with Asylum Access staff and with experts from the wider refugee legal aid and rights advocacy fields. The relationship is long-term, and learner-driven: refugee rights leaders set the agenda, pace, content and assessment methods depending on their specific needs.

Whilst the Toolkit offers a general overview of global refugee rights organization strategy, one-on-one mentoring complements this by preparing leaders to consider the proper avenue of applying best practices in unique and challenging contexts.

The Toolkit:
Refugee Rights Toolkit

refugee rights toolkit

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