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Global Refugee Work Rights Report

Global Refugee Work Rights Report 2014

Prepared by Asylum Access and the Refugee Work Rights Coalition, this report examines the laws, policies and practices pertaining to refugee work rights in 15 countries around the globe, affecting a total of 30% of the world’s refugee population.

Cartagena +30 Asylum Access

Cartagena Initiative +30

International Protection and Effective Integration: Civil Society Recommendations from the Front Lines of Asylum and Statelessness in Latin America and the Caribbean. Prepared by Asylum Access Ecuador and 23 other civil society organizations, this report suggests a series of recommendations that assist in strengthening the international protection system of the Americas. Download the Executive Summary in English (below) or Spanish, or download the full report in Spanish.

Asylum Access Annual Report 2012-2014

Annual Report 2012-2013

Some of Asylum Access’s key highlights this year include reaching over 10,000 refugees through direct legal assistance, the successful use of our Refugee Rights Toolkit in India and Indonesia, where refugee rights advocates used our resources to help launch their initiatives, and more. View online.

Forced Migration Review

“Refugees’ right to work”

“Refugees’ right to work” is an article co-authored by Emily Arnold-Fernandez and Stewart Pollock and published in the 44th edition of Forced Migration Review (September 2013). The article discusses the economic and political benefits of allowing refugees to access employment rights in the host country.

Asylum Access Tanzania Prison Survey

Immigration detention in Tanzania: A prison survey

This report, prepared by Asylum Access Tanzania, presents findings on the numbers and legal issues of detained refugee and asylum seekers and demonstrating the role for civil society in working together with government to strengthen screening and assessment processes.

Refugee Status Determination Latin America

Refugee Status Determination in Latin America: Regional Challenges and Opportunities

A joint report by Asylum Access Ecuador and USCRI, this report includes an analysis of national processes for refugees to secure legal status and avoid deportation. The report aims to strengthen due process and improve RSD standards across the region.