Our Approach

What We Believe

Asylum Access believes all refugees deserve a fair chance at a new life. All over the world, we challenge barriers that keep refugees from living safely, moving freely, working and attending school – because when refugees can rebuild their lives, nations thrive.

We envision a world in which refugees can live safely, move freely, attend school, work and rebuild their lives. We believe that when refugees enjoy their human rights, they can access effective, lasting solutions.

To achieve this vision, our mission is to make human rights a reality for refugees.  We focus on Africa, Asia and Latin America because most of the world’s refugees remain in these regions.

The Problem

Most of the world’s refugees spend decades or generations confined in camps, prohibited from working, or otherwise prevented from rebuilding their lives. Asylum Access was founded to change this.

Refugees are people who have fled their home countries to escape war or targeted violence. Today, less than 1% of the world’s 21 million refugees find refuge in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia each year. The vast majority remain in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Meanwhile, the average time of a protracted refugee situation — one in which at least 25,000 people are displaced for 5 years or more — is 26 years. In many countries, refugees cannot live safely, move freely, work or attend school. They may be prohibited from opening a bank account or starting a business. The police and courts may refuse to protect them from crimes or discrimination.

Asylum Access challenges these barriers that keep refugees from rebuilding their lives. We believe all refugees deserve a fair chance at a new life — and that when refugees can rebuild their lives, everyone benefits.

Our Unique Solution

Asylum Access helps refugees assert their rights today and change systems so they have more rights tomorrow. As we continue to dismantle global and national barriers for refugees, we amplify the voices of refugee communities so they become their own champions.

Our model of empowerment challenges ourselves and others in the refugee response field to prioritize not only immediate aid to refugees, but also to implement sustainable solutions that enable refugees to provide for themselves and contribute to their communities.

Refugee Rights Our Model

Our Model

Asylum Access makes human rights a reality for refugees using three core strategies: Legal empowermentpolicy reform, and global systems change.  Together, these strategies improve refugees’ lives today and build a better world for refugees tomorrow.