About Us

Asylum Access believes all refugees deserve a fair chance at a new life. All over the world, we challenge barriers that keep refugees from living safely, moving freely, working and attending school – because when refugees can rebuild their lives, nations thrive.

We believe that when refugees enjoy their human rights, they can access effective, lasting solutions.

We focus on the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America because most of the world’s refugees remain in these regions.

Most spend decades or generations confined in camps, prohibited from working, or otherwise prevented from rebuilding their lives. Asylum Access was founded to change this.

Our Approach

Asylum Access empowers refugees to become their own champions. By giving refugees the tools to advocate for themselves, and by encouraging host governments to expand refugees’ rights and opportunities, Asylum Access works toward a world where all refugees, everywhere, can rebuild their lives.

Asylum Access makes human rights a reality for refugees using three core strategies: Legal empowerment, policy reform and global systems change. Together, these strategies improve refugees’ lives today and build a better world for refugees tomorrow.

Legal Empowerment

Legal Empowerment

We support refugees in securing access to their rights to employment, healthcare, education and safety

Policy Reform

Policy Reform

We work with governmental bodies to pass laws and open doors to improve the lives of refugees

Global Systems Change

Global Systems Change

We challenge global systems so that more refugees can get a fair chance at a new life


Average length of a protracted refugee situation (years)


% of refugees that are resettled annually in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia


% of refugees that are children


Number of people forced to flee their homes each day

Our Efficiency

Asylum Access provides life-changing legal services to thousands of refugees per year and maintains the highest standard of efficient use of funding.

Annual report

See Asylum Access’s impact in our FY17-18 Annual Report.

You can view all previous annual reports on our Reports Page.

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Asylum Access is a 501c (3) tax-exempt organization. All donations to Asylum Access are tax-deductible.

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