Global Services

Asylum Access Global Services partners with organizations already doing great work with and for refugee communities, to help them add innovative legal empowerment and policy change strategies. Our partners see enhanced results for refugees, host communities and donors as we work together.

Asylum Access Global Services

National NGOs are critical leaders in implementing tangible scalable solutions for refugees globally. Asylum Access Global Services helps prepare and position national NGOs to dismantle systemic barriers for refugees in major refugee hosting countries. Our Global Services arm allows us to support others in realizing refugee rights and scale our successful strategies beyond Asylum Access’s country offices.

Asylum Access Global Services designs livelihoods-related empowerment services, government engagement strategies to address barriers that prevent refugees from accessing safe and sustainable livelihoods, and private sector engagement strategies to mobilize broader support for refugee economic inclusion. Depending on the needs of our NGO partners, we may assist with program design, training, staff recruitment and hiring, building relevant alliances or coalitions, developing data management or monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and coaching of initial program implementation.

The Asylum Access team offers decades of intensive on-the-ground experience with refugees, host governments, UN agencies, NGOs and multinational institutions. Our national NGO affiliates have used our strategies to strengthen refugees’ ability to live safely, move freely, work and start businesses, and take other steps to rebuild their lives.

Are you interested in becoming a Global Services NGO partner? Contact us at or reach out to Elisa Cascardi at