Asylum Access Emily Arnold Fernandez

Emily Arnold-Fernández, Esq.
Founder and Executive Director

Asylum Access Diana Essex-Lettieri

Diana Essex-Lettieri, MALD Deputy Director

Asylum Access Luisa Sotelo

Luisa Sotelo
Global Finance Director

Asylum Access Brian Rawson

Brian Rawson
Associate Director of Advocacy and Communications

Asylum Access Elizabeth Otto

Elizabeth Otto
Associate Director of Operations

Karina Sarmiento

Karina Sarmiento
Director of Global Strategy and Innovation

Asylum Access Nivetha Krishnan

Nivetha Krishnan
Global Human Resources Manager

Asylum Access Kristina Jaluba

Kristina Jaluba
Global Accounting and Audit Manager

Asylum Access Sandra ten Zijthoff

Sandra ten Zijthoff, M.Sc.
Creative Lead

Asylum Access Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon
Global Programs Manager

Asylum Access Matt Randolph

Matt Randolph
Development Coordinator

Asylum Access Lisa D'Annunzio

Lisa D’Annunzio, Esq.
Associate Director of Development

Asylum Access Aspasea McKenna

Aspasea McKenna
Development Associate

Asylum Access Wesley Espinosa

Wesley Espinosa
Latin America Development Lead

Grace Camacho

Grace Camacho
Latin America Finance and Accounting Manager

Lucia Almeida

Lucia Almeida
Administrative Assistant

Daniela Reinoso

Daniela Reinoso
Latin America Human Resources Manager

Maria Fernanda Viteri

Maria Fernanda Viteri
Monitoring and Evaluation Lead

Caroline Asiala

Caroline Asiala
Special Projects and Communications Lead

Xavier Gudiño Valdiviezo

Xavier Gudiño Valdiviezo
AALA Legal Manager

Liz Lema

Liz Lema
AALA Policy Manager


Asylum Access James Hathaway

James C. Hathaway, J.S.D.
Senior Advisor

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