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Client Story

Awaiting her decision: Uba’s Story

Uba was six months pregnant when she was arrested and placed in an immigration detention center (IDC) in Bangkok. Uba, a minority clan woman, experienced persecution in Somalia at the hands of... Read More
Refugees in Tanzania
Client Story

Unwavering Resilience

“I’m asking you to help me. I’m not just asking for fish, but for you to teach me how to fish.” It’s a weekday afternoon on the outskirts of Tanzania’s bustling capital city, Dar... Read More
Client Story

Empowered to start anew: Ella’s story

Did you know that 80% of refugees are women and children? In 1972, one of our clients, Ella, first arrived in Tanzania as a young Burundian refugee. She was not alone. Faced with violence and ethnic... Read More
Client Story

A mother’s quest to find safety

Imagine being a mother of two and hearing from your son on a daily basis, ¨Mom let´s get out of here, I can’t handle it anymore.¨ Every day that Valeria and her son Alejandro left their home... Read More
Refugees in mexico
Client Story

Pablo’s story: Destination barbershop

Industrious from the start, Pablo began styling hair at the age of 14 and opened his own barbershop in Honduras when he was 22. His customers confided in him, and he would listen to them without judgment... Read More