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Refugee testimony
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Thivya’s Story

Despite being granted refugee status by the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR), many refugees in Bangkok still fear arrest and detention. Thivya and her family were arrested... Read More

Barika’s Story

The following account was written as told to Asylum Access Thailand by Barika, a young woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She fled her home following relentless persecution due to... Read More
Colombian refugees Sandra ten Zijthoff
Client Story

Andrew’s Story

His name is Andrew, but he could be called Edwin, Nelson or Hector. The first time I saw him, it took about an hour – an hour that I spent with him, drawing on a blackboard while one of our legal advocates... Read More
Asylum Access Tanzania
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Kevin’s Story

Kevin was just 22 years old when he left home in 2009 with his brother. Rebel groups living near his village often came to collect food and forcibly recruit youth. Years of violence and instability... Read More
Refugees in Thailand - Asylum Access Thailand
Client Story

Amelia – A Refugee’s Testimony

This is not about money or means. I am an educated woman and I am looking for freedom. I don’t want to live in slavery. So I can live peacefully like everyone else. -Amelia... Read More