Asylum Access Mexico (AAMX) forms part of the global Asylum Access family and falls under the mandate of Asylum Access Latin America, which also coordinates programs in Ecuador.

AAMX was founded in July 2015 to improve due process and access to justice for refugees seeking asylum in Mexico. Through the use of legal services, community legal empowerment, and policy advocacy, AAMX empowers refugees and asylum seekers to demand their own rights. AAMX works to improve refugee integration through the Hospitality Route initiative, creating communities across the country where refugees can access safety and rights instead of facing arrest, detention, and deportation.

AAMX operates from 4 different locations in Mexico: Mexico City, Palenque, Acayucan, Tenosique and Villahermosa.

Near the Guatemalan border, AAMX offers free legal services,  representing clients from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Ghana, among other nationalities. The AAMX team supports them to navigate the refugee status determination process and to access their rights.

In Mexico City, the AAMX team manages policy advocacy initiatives at the local and national levels to ensure due process and the protection of refugees’ rights to employment, education, safety, and freedom of movement.

Though Mexico is often perceived as a transit country rather than a destination, it hosts approximately 2,158 registered refugees and thousands more asylum seekers and individuals in need of international protection.

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