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Asylum Access’s NGO partnerships are scaling solutions.

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National NGOs, both refugee-led and host community-led, are critical leaders in implementing tangible, scalable solutions for people who have been forcibly displaced from their home country. Asylum Access Global Services supports national NGOs as they dismantle systemic barriers for refugees in key refugee-hosting countries. Our Global Services arm allows us to assist others in realizing refugee rights and scale our successful strategies beyond Asylum Access’s national organizations.

Asylum Access Global Services partners with national NGOs to create or strengthen their legal empowerment and policy advocacy programs. For example, we work with our partners to design livelihoods-related empowerment services, government engagement strategies to address barriers that prevent refugees from accessing safe and sustainable livelihoods, and private sector engagement strategies to mobilize broader support for refugee economic inclusion. 

We can also provide our partners with operational support. Depending on our NGO partners’ needs, we may assist with program design, training, staff recruitment and hiring, building relevant alliances or coalitions, developing data management or monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and coaching of initial program implementation.

Previous Global Services projects

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2018 – 2020 | Project Completed

With support from Open Society Foundations and the Swiss government, Asylum Access partnered with Insan, the Justice Centre for Legal Aid (JCLA), Ruwwad and Tamkeen to strengthen their legal empowerment and policy advocacy programs.

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2018 – 2020 | Project Completed

With support from Open Society Foundations, Asylum Access partnered with the Lebanese Centre for Human Rights (CLDH) and Bazmeh & Zeitooneh to strengthen their legal empowerment and policy advocacy programs.

Upcoming Global Services projects

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2020 ~ | Research Phase

Ethiopia has recently loosened its restrictions on NGOs and has expanded the rights to work, education and healthcare to the large refugee population in the country. We are researching the most effective way to support Ethiopian civil society to ensure that these new rights are applied lawfully and equitably.

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2021 ~ | Pending Funding

Colombia hosts a significant number of refugees from neighboring Venezuela. Most, however, do not have legal status in the country due to a lack of legal aid available to refugees. We aim to help refugee and host community-led civil society expand their legal empowerment programs so that more refugees in the country can acquire legal status and the rights to work, education and healthcare that come with it.

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2020 ~ | Research Phase

Kenya has hosted forcibly displaced populations for many decades and there is now a strong civil society focused on protecting and advancing refugee rights in the country. Given the receptive political environment, we aim to support Kenyan civil society to leverage this moment to expand refugee rights.

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2021 ~ | Research Phase

Many people have been forced to flee from Myanmar to Bangladesh following the extreme persecution of the Rohingya minority group. With a safe return not looking likely, we aim to support local civil society explore solutions that promote legal empowerment and self-reliance that will help restore the dignity and autonomy of the forcibly displaced people currently seeking protection in Bangladesh.

Why partner with us?

The Asylum Access team offers decades of intensive field experience with refugee communities, host governments, UN agencies, NGOs and multinational institutions. Our national organizations have used our strategies to strengthen refugees’ ability to live safely, move freely, work, start their own business, and take other steps to rebuild their lives.

Recent Global Services partnerships include a project with six national NGOs across Jordan and Lebanon that resulted in:

  • The launch or enhancement of community legal worker programs providing legal empowerment to tens of thousands of refugees across the two countries;
  • The strengthening of program organizational management tools and systems to increase stability and effectiveness; and
  • The introduction of new advocacy-related approaches, increasing the number and strength of national civil society voices from one of the world’s largest refugee-hosting regions in global refugee response conversations.

Are you interested in becoming a Global Services NGO partner? We’d love to connect with you! Please contact Deepa Nambiar, Asylum Access Director of Global Programs and Policy, for more information:

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