Making Refugee Rights a Reality
in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Imagine fleeing from a government that threatens to torture or kill you, only to arrive in a foreign country without travel papers and without money. Imagine you don’t speak the local language. Could you go into a courtroom, alone, and convince a judge that you shouldn’t be deported?

Traumatized by what they have already endured, recent refugees are especially vulnerable to violations of their legal rights. Many face immediate deportation and many more are “warehoused” for generations in refugee camps, marginalized, unable to work, move freely, or re-establish a permanent home.

Asylum Access was founded to change this.

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Eric Tanner Asylum Access Tanzania
Client Story

Suzanne’s story

When Suzanne was just a girl, armed militias displaced her family from their home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a teenager, she witnessed...
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Sandra ten Zijthoff Asylum Access


Volunteer Legal Advocates use their legal skills to empower refugees in our offices overseas in Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, and Tanzania. Our work would not be...
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