Policy Change

Laws should empower and protect all communities – we push for policy change to make this happen.

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Policy change is an important advocacy outcome, making sure that the rights that refugees are owed are enshrined in law.

In many countries, refugee communities are prohibited from accessing the basic rights and opportunities that allow them to support their families and contribute to their new homes. They are not allowed to work, their children can’t go to school, and they live in constant fear of being arrested, detained and sent back to the life-threatening situations they fled.

When laws oppress or discriminate against people, the laws need to be changed.

How do we achieve changes in the law?

Asylum Access works with national governments to change laws so they empower and protect refugee communities. We use multiple advocacy tools to achieve change, including:

  • Meetings, workshops and trainings with government officials
  • Collective advocacy in the media with partner human rights organizations
  • Strategic litigation
  • Published reports and policy recommendations
  • Providing statements to regional and international bodies, including, among others, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Council

What we have achieved through policy change

Our policy advocacy helped end the detention of migrant children in Mexico and Thailand, and led to the adoption of a landmark law in Ecuador that enshrined refugee rights and protections and promoted the full integration of refugees living in the country.

Learn about our additional policy advocacy successes

Refugee Work Rights Campaign

Logo for the Refugee Work Rights Campaign

The Refugee Work Rights Campaign was launched by Asylum Access in 2013 to build a groundswell of support for the idea that refugees should have access to opportunity, entrepreneurship and a fair chance at a new life.

Since then, we have been joined by advocates, leaders, academics and refugees around the world, who are calling for change. Our interactive website is a place to learn, engage and take action to ensure that laws, policies and practices allow refugees to achieve their potential, no matter where they live. Because when refugees are given the keys to their own success, communities thrive.

Refugee Work Rights Reports

Asylum Access has worked on many collaborative reports that detail refugee work rights around the globe. These reports give a clear oversight of the barriers to employment faced by refugees in each country studied, along with policy recommendations to policymakers.

Cover of the Asia Refugee Work Rights Report
Asia Refugee Work Rights Report (2020)
Cover of the Middle East Refugee Work Rights Report
Middle East Refugee Work Rights Report (2017)
Cover of the Latin America and Caribbean Refugee Work Rights Report
Latin America and Caribbean Refugee Work Rights Report (2017)
Cover of the Global Refugee Work Rights Report
Global Refugee Work Rights Report (2014)

Let’s work together

We are always welcome to support and proposals from individuals, foundations and organizations who would like to work with us or our national organizations to push for changes in the law that will benefit refugee communities and the host communities that welcome them.

For more information, you can check out our Partner With Us page or Contact Us.