Asylum Access Malaysia has been protecting and advancing the rights of refugees in Malaysia’s challenging legal environment since 2014.

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Asylum Access Malaysia was launched in 2014 and our field operations include direct legal services for refugees and people seeking asylum, ‘Know-Your-Options’ trainings, and engagement with UNHCR and other stakeholders in Malaysia’s refugee rights movement.

Asylum Access Malaysia’s refugee legal aid program assists refugees and asylum seekers to successfully navigate the UNHCR Refugee Status Determination (RSD) process, thereby improving their chances of living safely and moving freely in Malaysia. In addition to direct legal services, we offer Know-Your-Options workshops to provide basic legal and practical information to help refugees navigate the RSD process and avail themselves of other legal protections that may prevent detention, and help them acclimatize to life in Malaysia. We also engage in capacity building activities with lawyers, universities and civil society organizations to develop a refugee legal aid network in Malaysia.

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Refugees in Malaysia

Malaysia is not a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention, and has no domestic or administrative framework that governs refugees and their rights. Refugees also do not have access to fundamental rights including legal status, safe and lawful employment, formal education and equal protection of the law, and are at constant risk of arrest, detention and exploitation.

Increasingly, the Malaysian government has evidenced a greater willingness for dialogue on subjects such as refugee rights and human trafficking. As a result, Asylum Access Malaysia seeks new opportunities to further develop refugee employment rights, protection of refugees against trafficking, access to social services such as healthcare services, and improvements to due process protections in refugee status/asylum proceedings.


Legal Aid

Asylum applications in Malaysia are currently handled by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The process can be lengthy, complicated and often traumatic. We provide our clients with the legal and social support to help them navigate this process and obtain refugee status.

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Community Empowerment

We provide ongoing training in legal support, interpreting and leadership for refugees who want to become advocates for their community. We also resource and strengthen refugee and host community-led initiatives that contribute to the support and opportunities available to refugees.

Policy Advocacy

We work alongside other human rights groups to advocate for changes to Malaysian law that will restore the safety and dignity of refugees in the country. We are pushing for a Malaysia in which all refugees can feel safe and rebuild their lives. 

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Serving the refugee community

We reach over 2,800 clients per year with direct legal aid and community empowerment programs.

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