Our People

Asylum Access’s international team possesses decades of experience in legal services, advocacy and community empowerment.

Emily Arnold-Fernández

President & CEO

Diana Essex-Lettieri

Vice President & COO

Luisa Sotelo

Global Finance Director

Hui Ying Tham

Executive Director, Asylum Access Malaysia

Alejandra Macías Delgadillo

Executive Director, Asylum Access Mexico

Naiyana Thanawattho

Executive Director, Asylum Access Thailand

Elizabeth Otto

Operations Director

Lisa D’Annunzio

Development Director

Sana Mustafa

Associate Director of Partnerships

Steven Solinsky

Chair of the Board

Susan Simone

Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Board

Rachel Gordon

Secretary of the Board

Michael Diedring

Board Member

Mary Gardiner Huang

Board Member

Amir Ghowsi

Board Member

Shalini Nataraj

Board Member

Michael Teshima

Board Member

Lindsay Toczylowski

Board Member

Leah Zamore

Board Member

Susan Lieu

Board Member

Hany Aziz

Board Member