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Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in our cause! Our accomplishments are made possible through the support of individuals that are passionate about human rights and willing to get involved. There are many ways you can support Asylum Access, below are just a few:

Get updates. We’ll send you regular refugee rights-related updates through our online quarterly newsletter, announcements and campaigns.

Help spread the word. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us share important news and campaigns related to our work.

Donate. Every contribution makes a difference. Consider making a monthly pledge to support our work, or give in other ways.

Become a partner. Work closely with us to build a stronger refugee rights movement. View a list of our existing partners here or contact Sally to discuss possibilities in partnership.

Intern or volunteer. Without the support of our current and former interns and volunteers, our work would not be possible. Donate your time and expertise to support refugees globally.

Learn. Request a speaker or host a house party to learn more about refugee rights.

Advocate. We’ll give you the tools you need to advocate for refugee rights in your country or state.

Join the Asylum Access family, join the global refugee rights movement!

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