Community Guidelines

We have established some community guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety on our social platforms

Asylum Access’s mission is to make human rights a reality for refugees. Our social media platforms are used to keep our community updated on our impact and informed about topics related to human rights.

You are welcome to share your valuable views and comments but we would like to remind you that this is a public forum, so we have established some guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

By engaging with our platforms, you commit to follow the rules below:

Your content is your responsibility

Any content you posted publicly or privately on our platforms is your responsibility.

Your opinions are your own

Content you post on our platforms does not represent our standpoint, only yours.

Stay on topic and stick to the facts

We may remove any content that we feel is off-topic or contains anything indecent, illegal, or intentionally misleading.

No advertising or promotion

This includes unapproved pages or groups, sponsorships, petitions or campaigns.

Respect intellectual property

We will be forced to remove any content that may be breaking laws related to privacy or intellectual property rights. 

Respect privacy

Please do not post confidential, sensitive or private information about anyone on our platforms. You are responsible for any legal consequences for doing so. 

We have the right to block users

If you misuse our platforms, we have the right to block your account. For example, if you:

i) Post anything unlawful, harmful or defamatory

ii) Post anything that you do not have the right to post due to copyright or other sharing restrictions

Be respectful to yourself and others

We will not tolerate — and will remove — any hateful, obscene, aggressive, or discriminatory messages or comments.

Contact us if you have concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, whether related to the work we do or otherwise, please contact us by sending a private message.

We have a right to block anyone who doesn’t follow these rules or the terms of the social media platform and report them to the platform administrators or other relevant authorities.

Users are also encouraged to flag to us or the social media platform any content on our account that breaks these rules or that they find inappropriate.

Please be aware that we may remove, translate, or publish elsewhere content that users post on our platforms.

We are not responsible for content that we did not submit or use of our organization that we did not approve.

Be aware of your privacy settings

You can learn more about how Facebook enables organizations to share your likes or content with your network here:
Review and adjust your privacy settings here:

Opt out of certain Facebook advertising here:

These Community Guidelines are subject to change at any time without prior notice.