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The DCA group provides me with great knowledge and training to become a human rights advocate for my community.

Pari, DCA Group Member

The Policy Advocacy team of Asylum Access Thailand interviewed Pari, a 17-year old Pakistani refugee who now lives in Bangkok, Thailand. In this new policy advocacy blog, she shared her journey to Thailand from the country of origin, her life and experience in Bangkok, as well as her work in the Democratic Collective Advocacy project (DCA).

Interviewed and written by Keito Takahashi, Policy Advocacy and Communication Assistant

December 24, 2021


หรือ Non-Refoulement


Written by Kornkanok Wathanabhoom, Policy Advocacy and Communications Coordinator

September 29, 2021

I had only one day to pack up and leave my country.

Lina, Paralegal Volunteer

We interviewed Lina, a Bangkok urban refugee, volunteering as a paralegal for being “a bridge to connect refugees with lawyers.”
She shared her real life as an urban refugee in Bangkok and her perspective as a paralegal.

Interviewed and written by Keito Takahashi, Communication Consultant for the Policy Advocacy Program

July 20, 2021

Being a refugee was not my choice.

Bangkok urban refugee in the CRSP webinar

Keito Takahashi, Volunteer Advocate in Policy Advocacy and Communication, wrote a blog from his perspective about his journey working for refugees, the importance of refugee work rights, and proposed action you can take to make refugee human rights a reality.

Written by Keito Takahashi, Volunteer Advocate in Policy and Communication

May 26, 2021