Noemí Zozaya

Noemí Zozaya

Associate Director of HR, Asylum Access Mexico

she/her | Based in Mexico | Joined in 2023

Noemi is a change-driving social innovator focused on well-being and DEI as core business drivers. She is an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about the scientific, social, and economic study of well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in corporations. She firmly believes that leveraging happiness as a business model gives companies a competitive edge. A lawyer by background with 20 years of domestic and international professional experience, she also holds a Master’s from Spain focused on Human Resources Management and Labor Relations and a Master’s in Positive Psychology.

As a pioneering voice, she spotlights wellness and DEI as fuel for organizational excellence and sustainability. She provides visionary guidance to executives based on data-backed research around boosting workplace mental health while building diverse, equitable teams that outperform homogeneous groups.

Given her multifaceted expertise spanning law, human resources, positive psychology, and business strategy, she empowers companies to architect impact-oriented systems and cultures that enable revenue growth and social good advancement. Her superpower is showing leaders how to turn well-being and inclusive diversity from intangible ideas into tangible drivers of innovation and returns.