Education Resources in Bangkok

Navigating refugee education options in Bangkok can be a challenge, and here is some information to help! This infographic shows the education service providers in Bangkok, which services they provide, and their contact information. 

NGOs in Bangkok provide a variety of education services, ranging from financial support to language classes, and can assist you in the complex world of refugee education. Although all children in Thailand are entitled to a free public education, there are other costs associated with that education (books, supplies, clothes), as well as a language barrier. Additionally, many adult refugees are seeking new skills and paths to livelihood in Thailand, and some organizations–including AAT–provide training in practical skills.

This infographic is part of the “Know Your Options” project (KYO). This project aims to empower refugees by providing detailed information on the complex landscape of Bangkok’s service providers, protection mechanisms, and local customs. This knowledge will hopefully enable urban refugees to develop a deeper sense of security, connect with helpful organizations, and build prosperous lives in Bangkok. 

If you have more detailed education questions, consider looking in our KYO digital handbook, in the education section, page 20.

Author: Jamie Moddelmog (Volunteer Community Advocate)
Graphic Designer: Phobtham Sitthirat

Categories: AAT