WATCH NOW: Seeking Safety: Biden’s Promises to Refugees at the US-Mexico Border

Image shows Joe Biden next to a map of North America

President Biden recently took steps to reverse the Trump administration’s cruel and inhumane asylum policies. How will these new policies affect the thousands of refugees stranded at the US-Mexico border? Do they go far enough to ensure that all refugee families can find safety?

As the largest provider of legal aid to refugees in Mexico, Asylum Access Mexico has witnessed firsthand the harmful and ongoing impact of the US turning its back on those in need of protection. We invite you to watch our recent webinar to learn more about the importance and urgency of restoring asylum in the US and the wider region.

Please note: sections of the webinar in Spanish have been manually subtitled in English (click [CC] to activate). The rest of the webinar in English has been captioned with automatic captioning and so may have less accuracy.