The Hospitality Route breaks down refugee hiring myths for Mexican employers

Last week, the Hospitality Route, an initiative by Asylum Access Mexico, held a series of joint workshops for Mexican companies together with the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) and the UNHCR. These workshops are helping to breakdown misconceptions that many employers in Mexico have around hiring someone with refugee status or someone who is currently seeking asylum.

For example, some employers in Mexico are under the impression that hiring a person with refugee status involves lengthy and tedious immigration paperwork, but that isn’t the case! Both refugees and people seeking asylum in Mexico have the full right to paid work without the need for an additional work permit or authorization.

Both groups are also provided with a national ID number (CURP), tax ID number (RFC), and social security number (NSS), which means that hiring them is as easy as hiring a Mexican national.

Landing a job with a supportive employer can go a long way in helping forcibly displaced individuals and families rebuild their lives in Mexico, which is why the Hospitality Route will continue to catalyze the private sector to help make the transition into employment easier for all.

Check out our instructional video on hiring refugees and people seeking asylum below (press ‘CC’ for English subtitles):