Volunteer with us! The Hospitality Route is looking for volunteer English and Spanish mentors

A Latina trans woman and a Black non-binary person sitting together at a meeting table

The Hospitality Route, an initiative by Asylum Access Mexico, is looking for volunteers to help teach English or Spanish to forcibly displaced people who have made Mexico their new home.

Language skills can make a significant difference for forcibly displaced people when they are looking to access education or employment. In the case of Spanish, though the majority of people seeking safety in Mexico are from Spanish-speaking countries, there are also many that arrive from other countries without being able to speak Spanish at all. Learning Spanish will be a huge step to support their integration into their local community and access to key services.

Similarly, having proficiency in English can help many forcibly displaced individuals in Mexico find better opportunities for employment and higher education.

This volunteering opportunity is also a great opportunity for both mentor and mentee to meet and befriend someone from a different background and bring our global society closer together.

Want to get involved? Send an email to rutadelahospitalidad@asylumacces.org stating your interest in volunteering by November 15, 2021.