Today is International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Refugee women are unsung heroes — powerful protectors of their rights and their families’ well being despite facing some of the worst trauma and challenges. Many of them are survivors of sexual violence, domestic abuse and exploitation. Unable to speak about their experiences for fear of being stigmatized in what is an often patriarchal community, they are silenced.

Thankfully, this is changing. We are creating safe spaces for refugee women in Asia, Africa and Latin America through empowerment groups where women can use their voices and help each other heal.

Watch the below video to learn more about the daily challenges refugee women face, and how through Asylum Access-led Women’s Empowerment Groups, refugee women have been able to heal and take back control of their own lives.

Also, please consider donating today. Your support will impact the lives of refugee women in 2018, so that they may overcome the traumatic experiences they’ve fled and thrive in their new communities.

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