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Emily Arnold-Fernandez Speaker Profile

Asylum Access founder and executive director Emily Arnold-Fernandez is available as a speaker on topics including social entrepreneurship, global refugee and migration issues, and lessons... Read More
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Request a Speaker

Asylum Access staff and volunteers frequently speak at legal conferences, universities, nonprofit meetings and international human rights events. To request a speaker from Asylum Access,... Read More
AAE Corte Constitucional
Newsletter Winter 2015

Landmark Victory for Refugee Rights in Ecuador

The international community has long praised the Ecuadorian government for its willingness to provide protection to refugees and comply with the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees and... Read More
Global Refugee Work Rights Report2014
Newsletter Winter 2015

The Global Refugee Work Rights Report

The report is the first study of cross-comparison of its kind, shedding light upon the laws, policies and practices impeding work rights in 15 different countries. Warranting concern, nearly... Read More